4th of July Family Menu

Happy 4th of July weekend, one of my favorite times of the year, as it reminds me of childhood summers and is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends. Whether you’re doing something social or keeping it simple in the backyard this 4th of July, below are some ideas for a classic and simple family meal.

Star shaped fruit

Ever wonder how people make their fruit look like little stars or shapes? Hit up your local bakery supply store for mini cookie cutters! Also, amazon has some great cookie cutters for this hack.

Inpso from this blog 

Veggie Burgers or Good Old-Fashioned Burgers

For our 4th of July Bento we, went with mini veggie burger sliders. To keep it simple, we bought mini buns and cut a store-bought veggie burger (our favorite is from Goodseed) with a cookie cutter. Also, for our son, he LOVES primal kitchen ketchup (no sugar added) so we made sure to have that on hand!

Here’s a great burger recipe.


Skewers of all kinds! For our 4th of July Bento, we created mini skewers on toothpicks with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. We also love a good fruit, meat, or veggie skewer on the grill all summer long. 

Veggie Skewer inspo from this blog.

French Fries

Nothing says Happy Birthday America like some good old-fashion french fries on the 4th of July. Our go-to fries in our house are sweet potato fries!  We like the store bought organic Alexia brand. Let’s be honest, it’s much easier to pop these babies in the oven or air fryer than do homemade (though both are great options). Here’s the ones we buy! And here’s a recipe for yummy homemade sweet potato fries.. 


We didn’t feel like baking, so for our Bento we bought my son Hudson’s FAVORITE treat. They are vegan (he’s egg and dairy intolerant) mini cookies from the brand made.good. If you feel more motivated than I do, here is my favorite 4th of July dessert to bring to a party. It's simple, beautiful, and always a crowd favorite (hint: it’s not store bought cookies). 

You can see I kept it real with you here. I included some store-bought items to keep it simple for Mama, but also some options to cook from scratch! For me, it depends on the day and how I am feeling if I want to cook a meal from scratch or take the easy road and buy it. Just know whatever you choose to do is okay, you don’t have to have an elaborate meal for every holiday!

by Kelly Buller