Setting Daily Goals

We're already halfway through January! If you've given up on your goals for the New Year, I am here to tell you it's okay to set new ones!

You have not failed, you just need to pivot your goals to work for you. I have found when I set smaller daily goals, I’m much more likely to follow through and stick with them. 

Here’s what I’m focusing on for 2021:




To start, I’ve decided to move my body every day for 30 minutes. This can include walking, stretching, running, or whatever my body feels up to for the day. Also, the movement can be in 10 minute increments, like a quick walk break between zoom meetings. The old pre-motherhood me would only settle for 30 minutes of intense you-name-it (cycle class, HIT class, run) exercise but now I know with all of life's demands this is not practical everyday (or at least not most days).

Another example might be to go grocery shopping. That may not sound like a goal to some people, but some days the idea of just getting there can be really daunting (especially during a global pandemic). Also, it’s something you have to really squeeze in as a mother. So, add it to the goal list for the day and once you complete it, check it off your list! That act of checking it off your list in itself is really gratifying. 

2. Set Daily Intentions 

This may sound hokey, but it’s a game changer and really very simple. You just pick one thought, word, or emotion to guide your mindset for the day! Today, my intention is patience. I will actively work on my patience and choose to be patient all day long. That’s it! The act of daily intention setting really helps to shift my perspective, so I hope you find it helpful too. 

3. Find Moments of Gratitude

One popular trend I have seen is keeping a daily gratitude journal. If that’s not your jam, then this can just be something you are simply mindful of each day. For me, I try to find a moment throughout each day where I take a pause and think about how grateful I am for everything in my life. Or some days, it can be a small moment of gratitude- like WOW I am so grateful for my matcha latte this morning. 

4. Remember to Have Fun and Play 

Having a toddler at home can really help this small goal! As adults, we can often be really serious and get caught up in work, daily chores, sticking to schedules, etc. I am actively working on finding moments of fun in each day! Whether that’s having a dance party with my toddler son (he is still learning to dance), or having a zoom happy hour with friends, we must remember to have fun! Let’s enjoy the ride of life and recognize as the days stack up, we won’t remember the stressful moments and schedules, but we will remember playful and fun times! I am working on bringing this approach to my everyday life, and I hope you can too.

by Kelly Buller