Motherhood Reflections

Today’s Motherhood Reflections (notes to self)

Being a Mom is hard

Being a Mom is really hard. Truly. Yes, it is SO rewarding and I am so grateful to be a Mom, but it’s okay to recognize that it’s also challenging. Sometimes I feel guilty for thinking it’s hard, but then I realize that you can think something is hard and be really grateful and happy, all in the same breath. It’s challenging in all the ways. It helps me to remember that no Mom is perfect. 

The To-Do list doesn’t end

The To- Do list does not end, and that’s okay too. We have to learn to be comfortable in the chaos, know that we are always going to be balancing something and/or someone, and recognize our plates won’t be ever truly be empty. Little by little, keep checking off your list. Progress is great, you don’t have to do it all, all the time. You feel me?

Hold yourself to a different standard

You need to stop comparing yourself to your pre-baby self. How clean your house was, how fit you were, your jean size, how much you cooked, how much energy you had for family and friends, your patience, the list goes on and on. Remember to be proud of yourself and not so judge mental or critical. I have to constantly remind myself that I am a different person now as a Mother, and that my life, and the way I navigate it, has changed and often for the better. 

Be Gentle With Yourself

I can’t stress this one enough. Give yourself grace. Plain and simple. You ARE doing enough! Repeat after me, you ARE doing enough. You ARE enough.

by Kelly Buller