Silicone Bento Box Gingerbread Activity

Use an Austin Baby Collection Silicone Bento Box as the perfect gingerbread making kit!

This fun activity would be great for a Holiday Party, Christmas Day, or anytime you’re looking for an entertaining activity leading up to the Holiday over the next week. 

Use four of the Bento Box compartments for different toppings and use the largest compartment for the cookies. Make homemade icing and cookies, or for the busy Moms out there like me, buy some icing and pre-made cookies or gingerbread houses. 

I scoured the internet and found some healthier recipes for Gingerbread and icing, if you’re like me and want to limit the amount of sugar for your littles!

Healthier Icing Recipes

Healthier Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

I also encourage you to use some of your beautiful finished gingerbread cookies as Christmas Ornaments! 

Pro Tip: Use our Silicone Foldable Placemat for less mess and easy clean up during this activity.

by Kelly Buller