Simple Easter Basket Ideas

March 20, 2024

Happy Spring! 

We put together a simple Easter Basket for toddlers and little ones. I bought everything (except for the tattoos) at Target, in store, including the little basket! 

1. Austin Baby Co Silicone Mini Bento Box and Foldable Placemat set in Space (Galaxy Blue). For the happy little eater, this is a great gift for babies through preschool years. 

2. Meri Meri Tattoos- the cutest ever little egg tattoos for Easter Egg decorating. We love everything Meri Meri. 

3. YumEarth Bunnies- listen, we don't regulary buy candy in our house but when it comes to Holidays, I will partake in giving my boys treats. These brand YumEarth is a better choice with no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial dyes, non-GMO and made with simple ingredients.

4. Paint-Your-Own Wood Flowers! Pro tip: do this activity over our silicone foldable placemat for less mess and easy clean up. 

5. Bubbles- for the win, always, ask any toddler!

6. Prettiest sidewalk chalk- the perfect little accessory for outdoor spring fun in the coming months.