Toddler Valentine's Day Art Activity

Happy Valentine’s Week!

I am always looking for new activities to do with my son during these days of quarantine. I am also a sucker for all the holidays, including the hallmark ones. Lately if we are not playing outside (grateful for Texas winters), we are reading, or trying out a new indoor activity! 

In the spirit of love and Valentine’s Day I wanted to share this little activity with you that our Illustrator and Designer Emma Paige Brooks told me about.

Supplies Needed:

1. Kiddo safe Watercolor Paint + Brush

2. Water

3. Celery (we used some that was on its way out to the compost)

4. Blank White Paper

5. Snacks at the artist workspace, because snacks are always a must. Also, we tried to stamp using the pretzel but it didn’t work out so well!

    BONUS: Use our Austin Baby Collection Placemat for less mess! 

    How to:

    1.Wet the Paintbrush

    2. Dip Paintbrush into Red Paint to soften paint

    3. Paint the bottom of celery into paint!

    4. Have child stamp mini hearts onto paper

    Bonus: Paint a love note to yourself! <3

    by Kelly Buller